corey using a power drill on the half-finished fence

settling in

i haven’t been particularly good at remembering to update this, but that’s primarily because we’ve been so busy on the house! between building furniture, trimming trees, and building a new fence along the back wall, we’ve been working hard to make the house into a home. it’s finally starting to feel that way, with most of the rooms furnished and the fence finally able to contain the dogs.*

jean enjoying the sunshine

we have folks coming to trim some bigger trees in late may, and we’ve begun the hügelkultur as well. the latter won’t be ready until next year, so i’ve got a few things being planted in a small container garden on the back deck. speaking of which: we just got our new flat-top griddle!

the guest room saw some use last week with my dad (hi, dad!) visiting from out of town.

a newly-acquired robot vacuum also made its debut, replacing our older one. enhanced features include a big emptying tank and i guess it can recognize rooms, too? technology is weird.

* unfortunately, we’re down to just loki and jean. gambit lost her battle with cancer in early march. 💔