met with the handyman today. definitely lots of things to fix up, and he seemed to think that the fence needed to be totally redone… but we could also just patch it if we really wanted to.

floors are about what we expected. we’ll probably refinish the front deck while we’re at it just to get it all done in one go.

a structural engineer is scheduled to come out on monday and take a look at the questionable supports under the house. it’s like 10 cinderblocks (fine for the age of the house) but the crawl space has been dug out so that there’s just… mounds of dirt holding them up. over time, they could start sinking, which would be bad. probably need some jack posts for additional support.

the plan is to ask the sellers for some additional money, pending the engineer visit. fingers crossed either a) it’s fine as-is or b) they’re willing to give us money to fix it.

coffee shop

grabbed coffee from across the street. a little spendy, but a nice treat. they have plant propagations for sale, which is adorable. 🌱