closing time

yesterday, we had breakfast at the coffee shop across the street, followed by the final walk-through, followed by the closing. the closing itself was uneventful, and it only took about 15-30 minutes. by the end, i’d mostly forgotten how to sign my name. the lawyer assured me the documents would still be accepted.

once we had the keys, we went back to the old house and grabbed the dogs, a bunch of cleaning supplies, some yard work supplies, and various other things we thought we might be using on our first day at ✨ casa brookside ✨. it ended up raining most of the day, so we didn’t do any yard work. instead, i measured out all the rooms while corey worked in the garage. then he helped me measure more rooms, and i swept the floor of the garage.

we got a lot done in the garage, including pulling out some random boards tacked to the wall, removing the awkward shelves, and pulling down some boards that were being stored in the ceiling joists. there’s a 4×4 up there that we’ll probably have to cut to remove, since it’s in there like some sort of puzzle. no idea how they got it up there in the first place!

so many light fixtures in the house are either missing bulbs, have burnt out bulbs, or are just plain broken. how does one break a light fixture?!

corey’s brother came over to see the place, since he hadn’t gotten to before. after he left, we tried to make a pizza, only to realize we did not bring anything to cut the pizza or to put it on once it was done cooking. so we headed over to the bodega/restaurant and had dinner there: a veggie burger for me, and a chopped cheese sandwich for corey.


dirty cornerclean corner
broken light fixture

need to fix this bathroom vent, because it sounds awful when you turn it on.

bathroom vent with cover removed

this useless fence isn’t even anchored into the ground!

wooden picket fence, about 9 feet wide, leaning against a tree