windows and lightbulbs

i spent yesterday cleaning the interior of each window, mirror, and appliance. i was hoping to get there with a little bit of daylight so i could work on the yard, but it didn’t end up happening. mostly because we were hungry and made pizza immediately upon arrival.

corey spent his time checking, replacing, and noting which lightbulbs needed to be replaced. we went to home depot right afterward to pick up some bulbs that we needed. overall a productive few hours post-work. hoping we’ll get a lot more done this coming weekend!


the handyman got a good start on the back deck.

view of the back deck with danger tape
another angle of the same deck
old boards to be thrown away

i set up a guest book for our visitors to doodle in.

notebook with "guest book: casa brookside" written in it

some muck on the chair rail. (i think that’s what it’s called.) it’s almost wax-like, and i wasn’t able to get it off with regular cleaner. may need to scrape it.

bumpy residue on the chair rail

one is the light, and one is the fan, but it’s not the ones you think they are. who puts a dimmer switch on a fan?!

a dimmer switch and an on/off switch