driveway cleaning

this weekend was a busy one! we got to the house friday night and brought some overnight gear: an air mattress, food for the dogs, food for ourselves, and our toothbrushes. once we got everything reasonably set up, we headed across the street for a beer, then walked downtown to meet up with some friends. we tried to go to one show, but with the line around the block, we ended up at a different one.

we spent saturday mostly working on getting my travel trailer lifted, which needs to be done before we can get it over the driveway hump at the new house. once we got back, we had a few friends over (paul and julia), then headed across the street for some food and beverages. we met up with some friends there (also our new neighbors!) and corey’s brother, derek, came over with his girlfriend, kelly. we thought about going downtown again, but decided against it when we realized the line was likely to be long again.

sunday was our first full day at the house. we got so much done on the driveway and back yard. lots of trimming trees, cleaning up leaves, and pulling bricks out of the ground. why are there so many bricks?! we had some help from julia, and eventually we met up with some other friends at the bodega across the street (yes, again). our friend ed helped us move the water heater, which needed to be done before the foundation work could start in a few days.

we went back tonight and did a few other small things (moving more bricks, replacing more light bulbs), but i plan to take a few days off to rest & recover.


three dogs standing in the window, one is visibly howling
stepping stone walkway covered in leavesstepping stone walkway clean and visible
driveway covered in wet leaves
water heater strapped to foundation supports
front porch and step clean
corey trimming trees
guacamole, corn, tomato, and dressing on toast